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Falcon Engineering Corporation provides engineering services in the areas of: Mechanical, Aerospace, and Textiles.

Textile Engineering

Falcon has the experience, the personnel and the facilities to design and manufacture a wide variety of vehicle textile recovery systems.  Falcon designs these systems with all the necessary components and equipment to successfully recover unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), target drones, and other air vehicles.  

Mechanical Engineering

Falcon Engineering Corporation is staffed with many experienced professionals skilled in a variety of Mechanical Engineering disciplines. With the aid of a robust set of engineering tools, mechanical engineers evaluate and enhance product form, fit and function. Falcon engineers leverage state-of-the art software tools to optimize product shape, movement, weight, cost, performance and quality, identifying the best design for each specific product application

Aerospace Engineering

Falcon Engineering Corporation has a team of aerospace engineers with extensive experience in helping clients address their engineering requirements, and to become more competitive through the use of the latest engineering processes and tools. Our team has experience with designing structures and textile systems.

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