Falcon Engineering Corporation provides AS9100 Rev D certified manufacturing services in a 'secured' environment: CNC and Fabrication.


Falcon Engineering Corporation's skilled program managers and engineers drive complex projects through development, prototyping, testing, and final production.


Falcon Engineering Corporation’s systems are certified to AS9100 Rev D. Falcon is committed to providing the highest quality services. As an AS9100 Rev D certified facility, Falcon follows a series of customized quality control procedures prior to releasing any product. Our services and products are a benchmark of excellence. With expertise in DRARS, HARS, ISO, and AS, Falcon can support complex programs with unique quality requirements.


Outside Processes:                                            Finishing Capabilities:

          Heat Teat                                                                  Chem-film


          NDT                                                                           Paint


          X-Ray                                                                          Passivization 

          Mag Particle Inspection                                            Plating

          Fluorescent Penetration Inspection                         Anodize